5 Tips to Coax Flavour from Your Tea


Tea-steeping is not just simply pouring water over your leaves. The aim is to coax the best flavours in your tea, and you can do so with these tips.

  1. Weigh your tea.
    With so many different types of teas, it is important to evaluate the amount of tea to use. Adjust the tea depending on the type of tea and the method of processing. We usually will advise the amount of grams of tea to water ratio.

  2. Find quality, filtered water.
    Too much minerals will affect the taste of tea as the minerals prevent the flavours from being properly extracted into the water. Tap water that has been treated with chlorine is a no-no too!

  3. Use the correct water temperature.
    If water temperature is too high, tea will taste bitter because more tannins will be released into the cup. Delicate aroma compounds will also be lost in the high heat.
    If water temperature is too low, tea will taste flat as proper extraction cannot occur.

  4. Watch your steeping time.
    Follow the recommended steep time to ensure the desirable flavours are released. Over-steeping may extract unwanted tannins. Set a kitchen timer or hourglass, and don’t move away to do other things while your tea is steeping.

  5. Keep in mind the steeping vessel.
    A western-style teapot is suitable for most teas, however, Oolongs, Pu-erh and some Japanese green teas will do better in a gaiwan.

Lydia LimComment