Sensory Summit: Phoenix Mountain Single Grove Oolong Tea Tasting

Sensory Summit: Phoenix Mountain Single Grove Oolong Tea Tasting


Get ready for an interactive tea tasting session where we will focus on teas from the Phoenix Mountain Dancong 但从(Lit. Single Grove) Oolongs category. It will be a sensory experience where you get to taste a range of teas that come from the same region and same farmer. The Phoenix Mountains terroir is mineral-rich and filled with countless cultivars which in turn create rather different flavour and taste profiles. It is up to the tea farmer and artisan to cultivate and bring out the flavours of each individual tea grove. We work with Mr. Chen’s tea farm to bring in the teas, and while we taste, we will share more about each cultivar, processing, and hopefully by the end of the session you will have your favourite Dancong Oolong.

Guests get to take home a 30g loose leaf of their favourite Dancong Oolong after the session.


  • Please take note that tea contains caffeine. 

  • Please do not attend tea tasting on an empty stomach, do have some light lunch or snacks prior. Avoid spicy or heavy foods that could interfere and alter your taste sensors prior to the workshop. 

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