Mr & Mrs Collection Tea Pot (Preorder)

Mr & Mrs Collection Tea Pot (Preorder)


*Preorder – Stocks arrive in 2 months as items are all handmade.

The Mr & Mrs Collection was developed by Sue Pryke in conjunction with her husband, John and his company Wild + Wood back in 2011. It balances the natural beauty of wood and ceramic giving a pared back simple aesthetic.

The clay is fired to a high temperature until it's no longer porous, giving it a stone like quality. The lid is the same colour as the body, with an oak handle.  The teapot handle is made from steam bent oak, all made by hand by John at Wild + Wood.

The Teapot holds 1 litre / 2 pints or 4 generous mugs, so plenty of tea to go round!

Please Note:

There will be variations in colour as each piece is slipcast, particularly swirls of colour. also the seam line is sometimes visible, where the piece was made in the mould, particularly on the coloured items, which is indicative of the material and the hand made processes.  

Staining may occur, as with any ceramic and tea, but it can be lifted with a strong detergent as the clay has been high fired an not affected by detergents at all.

Colour: natural white stone, pink, grey 

Material: Vitrified Earthenware 

Size H190mm L160mm

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