Phoenix Dancong Oolong Honey Orchid • 凤凰单丛乌龙蜜兰香

Phoenix Dancong Oolong Honey Orchid • 凤凰单丛乌龙蜜兰香


A roasted Oolong from China’s Phoenix Mountains, prized for its complexity and exotic lychee notes. The Phoenix Mountain terroir is mineral-rich with misty landscapes, resulting in complex tea flavours which resemble whisky.

They are called ‘Dancong’ (single grove in Chinese) because each tea cultivar is grafted from a particular Mother tree or old grove. Over 100 cultivars exist today, each with varying aromatic profiles that are identified by the tea farmer. This particular cultivar bears the name Mi Lan Xiang which translates to the fragrance of honeyed orchid, a reflection of the original old grove’s character and aromatic profile.

Our Phoenix Oolong comes from Mr. Chen’s tea farm in Da An village, Wudongshan, Guangdong Province. Picked from a 90 year old tea tree, the leaves are withered under the sun, then oxidised to further develop its flavours. The tea leaves are roasted over lychee-wood, further developing the fruit and flower notes. 

The resulting tea is luscious with sweet, exotic tropical fruit, notes of toasted nuts, wood and slightly vegetal.  

Da An Village, Wudongshan, Guangdong, China
Cultivar: Mi Lan Xiang
Age of tea tree: 90 years
Elevation: 800m
Oxidation: 80%
Tasting Notes: Lychee, orchid, biscuit, toasted nuts
Liquor: Amber orange
Brew: 5g to 150ml, 95ºC, 1 - 2 minutes
Harvest: March 2019 

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