our story 


It started with cake...

We are a mother and daughter pair who find joy in the comforting morsel of a freshly baked marble cake, drizzled with dark chocolate.

Inspired by the free-spirited farmers and traditional bakers, we wanted to bring cake back to a toned down aesthetic. What we are really enamoured with is simplicity and a wabi sabi kind of quality – beauty in imperfection. The ink-like stain of burst berries on a butter cake, the specks of vanilla beans indicating its subtle perfume, the crackled top of a flourless cake, the creases and folds, the drizzle of glaze, crumbs. 

Our bakes are infused with a combination of  fruit, herbs and flowers thus we call it botanical-inspired. Every baked good is thoughtfully handcrafted using only natural and real ingredients. Made to order and delivered to your doorstep.

The name comes from an antique cross-stitch hanging from the wall of my mother’s home kitchen. On it is threaded, ‘this kitchen is seasoned with the spice called love’. 


teaspoon of love - tea atelier

Our tea atelier carries a range of carefully sourced tea that we love and drink on a daily basis. We also blend our own tea and tisanes using organic herbs and flowers. 

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Find a mix of beautiful goods for the home, kitchen and everyday in our lifestyle shop. From tea accessories to handwoven wicker baskets, our curated products are meant for the carefree Teaspoon girl who finds beauty in simple, understated things and seeks comfort in a cup of tea .