Macrame Teapot Coaster

Macrame Teapot Coaster

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Our hot favourite! A must-have piece for your kitchen and home. The macrame teapot coaster is made of thick, sturdy cotton, crocheted into a simple square shape. The airy pockets make it perfect as a base to hold your teapots or casseroles, protecting the surface of your table yet letting the heat dissipate slowly. Its natural look exudes a sense of hygge, making you feel cosy and in need of a cup of tea right away. Available in two sizes - small and medium. Small is good for mugs, cups and small bowls. Medium is good for teapots, casseroles, pots and large bowls. 

Small measures 12.5cm
Medium measures 17.5cm
Height is 1.2cm

Available via preorder. Ships in 2 weeks.

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