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Handcrafted with Love.

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Made with a teaspoon of love

We are a mother and daughter pair who find joy in the comforting morsel of a freshly baked marble cake, drizzled with dark chocolate.

Inspired by the free-spirited farmers and traditional bakers, we wanted to bring cake back to a toned down aesthetic. What we are really enamoured with is simplicity and a wabi sabi kind of quality – beauty in imperfection. The ink-like stain of burst berries on a butter cake, the specks of vanilla beans indicating its subtle perfume, the crackled top of a flourless cake, the creases and folds, the drizzle of glaze, crumbs. 

Our bakes are infused with a combination of  fruit, herbs and flowers thus we call it botanical-inspired. Every baked good is thoughtfully handcrafted using only natural and real ingredients. Made to order and delivered to your doorstep.