Furoshiki Bag – Linen

Furoshiki Bag – Linen


Furoshiki is the Japanese way of tying gifts and packages. Handmade in Singapore using a beautiful range of sourced fabric, Teaspoon of Love’s furoshiki bag is the wonder wrap in every home. Versatile and handy, you can wrap gifts or any of your favourite items beautifully. Comes in 2 styles: A Furoshiki Multi-Use Cloth or a Ready-To-Tie Furoshiki Bag.

The Ready-to-Tie Furoshiki bag is designed and sewn in a market bag style that allows multiple ways of usage. The top features two flaps which can tie easily into a knot or bow. Tie it at the top and it becomes a long handle market bag. Otherwise, tie it closer to your package to form a little parcel. There are various and endless ways you can tie the furoshiki to suit different needs.

100% re-usable and washable.

Colour: White Linen
Style: Ready-to-tie Furoshiki (11 x 9”)

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